A swell foop

DSC02088I went into today’s weaving thinking that yes, today, for sure I was taking the night off. I am oddly sleepy and tired, but I wound up starting a day’s section, then finishing it – all in what my family calls one swell foop. At first I planned a series of vertical leaning stripes, and I started with the pale lavender. But then I started, well, swooping. Swooping and hatching colors and shifting the lines of things.

Swoops can distort the final fabric, causing a bubble, but this is such a small area I think it will be almost unnoticeable. And if it isn’t, that’s fine, too.

Again, the photo isn’t quite fine enough to show the swoops clearly. They break up the neat little lines of weave, distorting the flow of things.

Technically, the technique is often called “distorted weft” in tapestry. But I think it’s a swoop, and a swell foop at that.