Softer Butterflies

More butterfliesDSC02050 today, this time leftover alpaca naturals. I bought these natural, undyed alpaca yarns a long while ago, and I think they came from Red Rosa Farm. Choosing to use this yarn in the tapestry diary means I have made another choice, that the tapestry will never see heavy use (as in a rug, for example). The alpaca is not nearly as strong as the churro yarn, and it won’t stand up to that kind of use. The loft and bloom of it, though, will allow for some interesting textural changes in the piece. Alpaca yarn bounces like Tigger.

I want to spend more time playing with it, but the work holidays are coming to an end, and lots of niggling deadlines and things of pretended importance are tapping their impatient feet. Tomorrow everything becomes harder again, and I will need some soft alpaca butterflies to cushion my fall.