The awful truth

Well, drat.

I even sampled this time – I am often too lazy. I sampled this sett (number of warp ends per inch) with some of my churro blanket yarn, and it worked beautifully. But churro is notoriously uneven, and I made the mistake of not sampling all the colors at this sett. Either the difference is the extra tension on the Mirrix loom (much higher than I get on my little sampling set-up) or the unevenness of the different colors of churro (all the same weight, most from the same vendor). Either way, about half my colors of churro won’t weave as tapestry on this loom with this warp at this sett. They leave bits of warp showing. I had chosen the highest sett at which I thought I’d get tapestry reliably, because that would allow for a bit more detail, but I should have sett this at 10, not 12.

Life often presents unpleasant choices, doesn’t it? But some work out fine in the end.

The choices are: rewarp the loom (NO!!!!) or switch weft. I am switching weft. Instead of churro wool, I’ll swap to using leftovers of cotton, and maybe also bamboo and tencel. This could be fun . It will give a chance to play with texture and shine as well as shape and color. The downside: this will be finer weaving, and the daily section will take longer if I still plan to cover the whole warp.

Oh, well. Maybe next year for churro. And today I will remove yesterday. If only one could undo all mistakes so easily, and with so little lasting harm.