Again, again, again, again

DSC02101Why, what is that?

Ah, yes, an empty warp with a fresh header on it.

An empty warp in the correct sett to make tapestry with churro blanket weight yarn in all colors.

Everything has been entangled and difficult since I started weaving in the light cottons, against the rules I set for myself at the start of the year. Everything has been kerfuffled. Every step forward has come with fifteen assorted dance steps in corkscrew curls.

What, magical thinking? Me?

Always. And it doesn’t escape me that this creative endeavour is beginning again on the cusp of Imbolc, or Brid, or Groundhog Day, or whatever you want to call the secret start of Spring.

I took the cotton sections out, even the ones I really liked. I figured out how to adjust the sett on this loom without completely removing and replacing the warp. And 4 or so hours later, here I am, back at the beginning.

Anything is possible.

On the brink

DSC02068 Here we are, hovering upon the brink. The past few days have seen a lot of heddle preparation. There are just over 400 warp threads, so that’s a lot of heddles to prepare.

The heddles are on now – with one error that, fortunately, was fixable without too much heartache and undoing. The spacing and heading are just starting to show at the bottom. They need more fiddling, and I am out of patience with fiddling right now, so I am enforcing a break. My fingers itch to rush through the header and get on to the pretty bits, the color, the place that other people call the start. But the weaving would be uneven, cranky, with too much draw-in at the bottom. It’s worth a touch more patience to get it right, so the work will be a pleasure.