Reflective weaving

DSC02083Today, for the first time, the weaving reflects the theme of the day: unexpected, irregular, semi-random bumps in the road.

Aggravation. Irritation. But I think, in the end, it will work nicely into the overall weaving. So now it has a purpose, yes? Much better.

I’m also happy that I wove this evening. Bumpiness meant part of my brain was busily concocting excuses for not weaving, which bumped my guilt monitor into overdrive in the other direction, until I felt like one of those cartoon characters with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other – but neither of my prompters was angelic or positive or useful in the least. In the end, I wove because I decided to, because I wanted to, because the yarn feels good in my fingers.

So many inner voices: “I don’t wanna.” “I can’t.” “I have to.” “I’ll never be any good.”

None of these voices is the one I choose to be mine. I am doing something I love, and every hour I do it I get closer to being able to make what I dream of making.